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There are many different types of roofing projects that all fall under the umbrella classification of commercial roofing, and therefore it's important to know the distinctions before hiring commercial roofing contractors. Whether you're looking for apartment building commercial roofing, hotel roofing, shopping center roofing, roofing for office buildings, or industrial roofing, Commercial Roofing NYC can be your trusted partner.

With years of experience and many dedicated workers on our team, we are able to consistently provide a high level of commercial roofing service to all those who work with us, and our services are particularly preferred throughout New York City’s five boroughs and Long Island. Here is more on what Commercial Roofing NYC can provide customers who are looking for either commercial roof repair or commercial roof installation . We can also assist with a variety of other roof-related services!

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OUR SERVICESInstallation & Maintenance

Whether you want to update your current roof or install new one, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.
Roof installation
Ensure safety
Energy efficiency
Damaged or broken panels
Water stains on the ceiling
Commercial Roof Installation for Apartment Buildings

Whereas many apartment buildings use flat or slightly sloping roofs, like the ones that can be found commonly on large commercial buildings, most homes have a pitch roof, and one might see these in a residential neighborhood that’s filled with single-family homes. Flat apartment buildings are typically installed using single-ply membrane, and this is a flexible sheet of compounded synthetic materials, one that’s manufactured by expert technicians in a factory.

There are three different membrane types, including thermostats, thermoplastics, and modified bitumens. If you own an apartment building in New York City and you’re looking to have commercial roof repair done, or you’re looking to have roof installation performed, then it’s in your best interest to contact Commercial Roofing NYC, for we have plenty of experience in repairing and installing apartment roofs that are made of all different materials.

Commercial Roof Installation for Hotels

Those who need hotel roof replacement or repair contact us, and we have worked on many hotel projects in the past. These projects are particularly important as hotels are heavily dependent on their visual appeal, and therefore even something as simple as roof repair can convince customers to not do business with a particular hotel. Commercial roofing in the hotel context is one area which Commercial Roofing NYC specializes in.

Commercial Roof Installation for Shopping Centers

We can provide expert roof installation and repair for shopping centers as well. These projects are unique in that they usually involve expansive areas, and therefore experienced individuals are required to work on projects of this nature. We’ve worked on numerous shopping centers since our time in business, and therefore we are prepared to deliver our experience and skills to anyone who needs commercial roof repair for a shopping center.

Commercial Roofing for Industrial Buildings

Industrial roofing is often complex and multifaceted, and therefore industrial business owners should not hire the first roofing team they interview. Instead, it’s wise to work with experienced and skilled technicians like ours, as they’ve been replacing and installing industrial-grade commercial roofing for years! We bring a level of reliability that not all can replicate.



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